Former Navy SEAL Dirk Adams' last mission changed his life forever. He was bitten by the legendary El Chupacabra and turned into a half human/half vampire changeling. Now Dirk and his changeling partner, Mac, work together with Admiral Charles Winslow on his Death Rider project as they hunt down two renegade vampires and their growing army.

Dr. Bethany Stavinoski has concerns about the current project her boss/fiance, Miles Van Horne, has her working on. One night, when Bethany returns to Van Horne, she finds the guard dead, her lab trashed and her assistant missing. Dirk, suddenly, appears and drives off what look like vampires. Why do the vampires want Bethany and her research so badly? What exactly is she working on? Suddenly, Bethany is going to have to choose whom to trust, since the world has suddenly become a much darker and more dangerous place.

Round two in Popp's gripping Night Slayer series adds new characters and layers to the already intriguing world. Crisp writing and a fast-paced tempo propel this story through plenty of adventure, romance and thrills. This is supernatural suspense in spades. (Jun., 360 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith