Phoebe Thompson's father has been kidnapped for an Egyptian amulet, and she is trying to prove he never had the artifact. The last person she wants to see is Ramsey Dunsmore, Earl of Braxton.

A field agent for the Foreign Office, Ram needs to find the amulet before relations between England and Egypt are shattered. He believes Phoebe knows more than she is telling, and he'll resort to seducing her if he must, but their past relationship complicates matters. Though Phoebe locates her father, another kidnapping, a friend who turns into a foe, and past mistakes and mistrust keep the lovers apart until danger thrusts them together once more.

The second book in the rogues series is another wonderful story filled with adventure, witty repartee and hot sex. Mason's legions of fans will find exactly what they want and expect here. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager