Image of Seduced by a Rogue (Galloway Trilogy)


Image of Seduced by a Rogue (Galloway Trilogy)

Scott's wonderful book is steeped in Scottish Border history and populated by characters who jump off the pages and grab your attention. This tautly written, passionate romance centers on emotional conflict between clan loyalties and love. Captivating!

Raised by his older brother, Robert Maxwell is an honorable, skilled man with deep ties to his clan and unquestionable loyalty to his brother, the local sheriff. Rob feels he has been sent on a fool's errand when his brother has him collect taxes from Lord Dunwythie, since taxes are to be sent directly to the king.

Rob encounters the laird's daughter, Mairi, in a barley field, and there's an instant attraction. When his brother chastises Rob for returning empty-handed, Rob devises a plan. He kidnaps Mairi in order to force her father to pay his taxes. This plan goes wildly awry and, during the ensuing mishaps, they fall in love. Their mutual concern for their clans leads to a tumultuous climax. (FOREVER, Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin