Lady Alicia Pemberton will do anything to save her family from ruin. Though born to privilege, her father has gambled away much of the family fortune and now her brother is following in his footsteps, pushing her mothers fragile health to the limits.

To save her family, Alicia offers herself to Drake Wilder, owner of a gambling hall, in exchange for her brothers debt. Drake isnt interested in Alicia for a fleeting moment. But he does agree to the marriage to gain entry into the society that has shunned him, and in revenge against his estranged, aristocratic father, Drake will also be marrying the woman his father covets.

Though hate and revenge have placed them in this marriage, neither Drake nor Alicia count on the overwhelming power of desire and how easily hate can turn to love.

Barbara Dawson Smith uses her consummate skills to bring a powerful story to life and leave readers breathless as they watch the deceit and intrigue abound as love triumphs over scandal. As always, Ms. Smith manages to touch the heart and soul of readers with an unforgettable romance brimming with sexual tension and deep emotions. A must-read of the season. SENSUAL (Dec., 305 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin