Merlin's Maidens make
a comeback in a thrilling sequel that's as suspenseful, sensual, exciting, surprising and action-packed as any spy thriller. But it's more than action that makes this
a keeper; it's the emotional depth of Pickens' honorable characters, strong conflict and superb verbal repartee. Pickens' star is rising!

As one of an elite group of women spies, Shannon is called on to use her warrior skills to assassinate a French spy who threatens the empire. She must work with Alexandr Orlov, a Russian operative she believes is nothing more than a thief and a scoundrel.

But as they pursue their quarry into Scotland, she must place her trust and her life in his hands. Caught by a ruthless enemy, they find the means to protect the innocent and complete their mission. All the while their passion builds and ignites a desire that becomes their most powerful weapon. (Forever, Mar., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin