Image of Seduced by the Storm (ACRO, Book 3)


Image of Seduced by the Storm (ACRO, Book 3)

If you like intrigue, espionage, danger and sexy secret agents with psychic abilities, you will love this book -- especially when one agent has to disperse a hurricane with sexual energy! Croft's realistic characters have real, flawed motives that keep the action suspenseful and the sex extra hot.

Wyatt's orders are to destroy a weather machine that has the power to annihilate half of the world's population, and Faith's orders are to capture the same machine for her government's use. When the two meet by accident in a bar, sparks fly.

When they realize they have to work together, even though they're at cross-purposes, bullets, kidnappings and betrayals can't keep the two from enjoying really hot sex! (Delta, Aug., 368 pp., $13.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes