Silver thrusts the classic gothic romance into the next century with the ideal merging of chilling and dark mystery elements and heated sexual tension. Victoria Holt would be proud!

The only surviving child in her family, Catherine Weston was a lonely girl consumed by curiosity about death. She was saved from unhappiness by the friendship of Madeline St. Aubyn, and now Madeline is ill and needs her help. Catherine travels to Cairncroft Abbey, an estate filled with ominous tales of its dark and evil history. There, she finds Madeline bedridden and petrified whenever her cousin Gabriel appears. But Catherine thinks Gabriel is fascinating and wonders about the curse that haunts the family and forces him to live a solitary life.

Quiet, practical Catherine arouses Gabriel's dreams of love. But when a woman is found dead and suspicion falls on Gabriel, Catherine wonders if the whispered rumors are true. Searching for the truth opens the door to a frightening possibility and puts her life in grave danger. (ZEBRA, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin