Bast's enticing story focuses on male warrior partners who discover that their "third" is a female, and that she will be bonded to them for plenty of time in the future. While the story contains deliciously sexy menage moments, there are no male-on-male scenes. The attention focuses on Olivia's relationships with Mason and Will as individuals.

Mason and partner Will are Tylwyth Teg, Gaelen warriors, on Earth to protect humans from goblins and other OtherKin creatures. They get news that the third member of their triad has been found and set out to find her, win her over, protect her and bind her to them.

It's ludicrous to Olivia Castle that she's the supposed seer to two amazing men and the third in their triad. While shocked at having the two men suddenly deeply entrenched in her life, she can't help but be intrigued and excited. The sexual attraction that develops at high speed blows Olivia's mind -- she desires one, then the other, and it keeps going back and forth. If she can accept her future with them, she'll open herself up to things she's only dreamed of. (, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling