THE SEDUCER sets the stage for a new series centering on charismatic heroes, mysteries and passion. No one can bewitch a woman like Daniel St. John, master of intrigue and the art of love.

St. John is Diana's guardian, whom she nicknames "the devil man." He's been summoned to her school because she has been found with a sexually explicit book. Diana hopes to convince St. John to allow her to leave France for England.

St. John suddenly realizes his ward has grown into a beauty, an innocent he can use in his plan for revenge. He brings her to Paris and London, where he makes sure she catches the eye of his enemy. Everything is set in motion, but will this renowned womanizer get caught in his own trap?

Intricately woven with threads of dark mystery, deep emotions and strong characters, THE SEDUCER offers a complex, compelling plot that catches you in its web—you'll be captured by the titillating story, intense hero and magical romance. SENSUAL (Oct., 420 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin