Image of Seducing the Heiress (Heiress In London)


Image of Seducing the Heiress (Heiress In London)

Debuting with this first in a series, Drake entices readers with the intriguing concept of sisters who move among the ton without anyone knowing their secret. Utilizing a tried-and-true plot -- wealthy nobleman needs to wed for money – Drake twists the traditional with an unconventional heroine and a bad-boy hero that readers will adore.

Portia Crompton has wealth, beauty and a secret: Her heart belongs to the prince she left behind in India. Portia evades suitors, but not the determined Colin Byrd, Viscount Ratcliffe, a reputed rogue of the worst sort, accused of accidentally killing his father. Desperate for funds, Colin pursues Portia, going so far as to sneak into her bedroom and steal the miniature portrait of her prince.

That's a challenge to Portia, who then steals into his townhouse to retrieve her priceless painting. Their cat-and-mouse game leads to a heated kiss that ignites Portia's passion. The more she says no, the more Colin desires her. Portia begins to long for stolen moments with Colin and the opportunity to understand the man behind the rake's façade, even as her parents plan her betrothal to Ratcliffe's greatest enemy. Passion rises as tempers flare, culminating with an abduction, a duel and several surprises.

(ST. MARTIN'S, Dec., 312 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin