Image of Seducing the Highlander


Image of Seducing the Highlander

This collection of three connected short stories is filled with a trio of braw, sexy Highlanders who meet their matches. The fast-paced tales are filled with wonderful characters and delightful plots.

In "Seducing Ian," Laird Ian McCray kidnaps Leanna Arlington to force her betrothed to drop the false charges against his uncle. Lady Leanna is a beautiful woman and Ian decides that he will fan the flames by using her well and often. But his plans go awry as they fall in love. Their happiness may be short lived, however, as a battle for Leanna ensues.

The beautiful Julia Cameron is "Seducing Robbie" by offering him some ships, sheep and land in exchange for marrying and protecting her. Their passion burns hot but will it be enough to build a life together?

"Seducing Aidan" brings the title character the love and happiness that he has been missing since his betrothal ended. Aidan rescues the lovely Gillian Lorin from highwaymen as she travels to be with her future husband. When he learns who her betrothed is, he refuses to escort her and takes her home with him instead. She offers herself to him in exchange for his protection and he gathers the clan so they can keep Gillian safe and take care of the vicious man who was to be her husband. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager