Image of Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)


Image of Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)

Action and wildly exhilarating adventure propel the second book of the Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars series forward. Russell packs the pages of the Indiana-Jones-meets-Lara-Croft tale with nonstop action, occasionally losing sight of her characters and their depth of emotion. Many readers will enjoy the pacing and plotline, but some may miss Russell's trademark emotional intensity.

On the run from an unwanted marriage, Princess Jessamine of Spain is caught in a battle between the Moors and the Templar Knights. As his men fall to the enemy, Scottish Templar Sir Alan Cathcart rescues Jessamine as he flees the battle, intent upon completing his mission for Robert the Bruce to find the Ark of the Covenant.

The moment she sees the Templars Jessamine realizes the prophecy that foretold her future is at hand and Alan is a major part of her destiny. They journey to the Holy Land, searching for the sacred relic while fighting off hostile forces, earthquakes, storms and, most of all, their rising desires. With help from a surprising source, Jessamine and Alan will complete their mission and claim the love of a lifetime. (LEISURE, May, 300 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin