Drunk and seeking revenge for his wife's death, William Enton, Baron Landow, heads into Darktowne, a notorious den of outlaws. He is rescued from attackers by an angel known as Princess, who brings him to Darktowne's leader, Poke.

William's fascination with the enigmatic Princess pulls him out of his grief and compels him to do whatever he must to become a member of Poke's band. He ingratiates himself by volunteering to pull off a heist.

Princess' fragile beauty belies a hard heart. But once she rescues William, her cool facade begins to crumble and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to deny their desire.

William is not the only one with a secret, however, and as Princess falls in love, she risks exposing herself to grave danger.

The conclusion of the Princess trilogy, Seducing a Princess is a gem. Characters from the previous novels make appearances and all the loose ends are tied up, which is the perfect finale to a story as enchanting and joyous as a fairy tale. SENSUAL (Jan., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin