Scottish legend and history merge as Welfonder sweeps readers into a tale brimming with witty banter between a feisty heroine and a stalwart hero caught in a web of an ancient curse. The added paranormal elements and sensuality turn this into an intriguing page-turner that fans of Scottish romance will adore.

After his second wife's death, Ronan MacRuari, the Raven, refuses to bring another bride to Castle Dare. But he doesn't count on an old debt between his family and the MacKenzies to send Lady Gelis as his bride.

Gelis has seen Ronan in a vision and is eager to marry the handsome Highlander. She is up to the challenge of bringing light and hope to his accursed keep and more than prepared to bring Ronan to her bed. Believing in the power of her "sight," she sets out to win his heart and free Dare from an ancient group seeking the power of the Raven Stone. It's Ronan's love and Gelis' faith that strengthen them in the fight against ancient evil. (FOREVER, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin