Image of Seducing A S.E.A.L.


Image of Seducing A S.E.A.L.
Lt. Commander Kylie Thomas has lusted after Ensign Drew MacLeod since he joined her group, but since she's his commander, the younger man is off limits. Then there's a deadly shooting in their building. Kylie denies how much the tragedy affects her, until she sleeps with Drew. He's serious about his career, but won't sacrifice his whole personal life for it. Kylie knows the Navy would never approve of their relationship. When they are given leave to recover, Kylie goes with him to Hawaii. As their relationship grows, Kylie re-evaluates her life and past decisions. Heartwarming, emotional and with a strong, complex heroine, Seducing a S.E.A.L. (4), by Jamie Sobrato, is a wonderful book that stays with you after you're finished reading.
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Page Traynor