Image of Seducing Simon


Image of Seducing Simon

In Seducing Simon, Banks pens a warm-hearted and special tale of friendship evolving into love. Toni's attempts to
spice up her image are both amusing
and tender. Simon's reaction is unsurprising, but still cute. However, Toni's secret tends to mar the developing love story. A charged ending leads to an engaging,
if predictable, happily ever after.

Toni Langston is pregnant and she can't tell the father, Simon Andrews. He doesn't remember the night they slept together because he was drunk and grieving for his broken relationship. Plus, he called Toni by his ex's name! Toni yearns to tell Simon the truth, but how can she when he sees her as a friend? Determined to win her man, Toni boldly goes where she's never gone before and tries to seduce Simon. But what will Simon do when he discovers the secret Toni has been keeping? (SamhainPUblishing. com, dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern