Shunned by society because of a youthful liaison, Lady Alicia Lawrence stays away from the ton until she overhears a plot to kill the Regent. She takes the information to the only man who will listen to her, Stanton, Lord Whyndam, the coldest man in England.

As one of the Royal Four, a secret cadre dedicated to protecting the Crown, Stanton is tempted to dismiss Alicia until she gives him irrefutable proof that the assassin is the Crimea, a ruthless French spy.

Word that Prinny will appear at a house party, where anything naughty is nice, thrusts Alicia and Stanton (along with her male lady's maid and trunks of gorgeous gowns) into posing as lord and mistress to catch a spy. Soon, they are drawn into a tight net along with the other members of the Royal Four and their wives.

Thrilling up until the last page, titillating from one sexually charged love scene to the next and captivating from beginning to end, the last of the Royal Four series displays Bradley's ability to tell an involved, sexy story If you haven't yet read a Bradley novel, let yourself be seduced by the mistress of the genre. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin