Image of Seducing the Vampire


Image of Seducing the Vampire

This is an absorbing story that switches smoothly between the past and the present, with the majority of the storyline’s time spent in the past. Those who enjoy the darker, bloodier vampire tales — those that are more horror than romance — will find this one compelling.

In 1785 Paris, vampire Constantine wants bloodborn vampiress Viviane LaMourette, but Viviane has no desire to become any man’s chattel. When her patron is murdered, Constantine attempts to take his place. Rhys Hawke, vampire/werewolf crossbreed, plans on revenge against Constantine for letting the one he loved die by seducing Viviane. Yet Rhys and Viviane find themselves falling in love, so it is Constantine who exacts a terrible vengeance, bespelling her and letting Rhys believe she is dead — for 230 years. In the present day, Rhys hears of the legend of the Snow White vampiress, hidden beneath the streets of Paris. Could this be Viviane? If so, can he find her and set her free, or will it end the same way as he believed it did before — with her death? (HQN, Jan., 376 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley