When his young sister Olivia is injured in a sham elopement, Baron Damien Sinclair vows revenge against the young man responsible: Aubrey Trent, Viscount Rotherford.

Damiens revenge is devastating, for Aubrey loses everything in a card game, leaving his family penniless. Its left to his widowed sister, Vanessa Whyndam, to find a way out of this disaster. Her first meeting with Damien doesnt bode well for the family.

Known to the ton as hard Sin, Damien is wealthy, tall, dark and every inch the arrogant rake. But Vanessa perseveres and in return for overlooking Aubreys debt she offers to act as companion to the bedridden Olivia. Damien offers a different proposal: that she become his mistress.

Vanessa becomes Olivias companion and does much to help her. Damien continues his calculated seduction of Vanessa. Under his tutelage, she becomes a delightful bed companion. Though he tries, he cannot ignore his feelings of guilt for ruining her reputation, but neither can he let her go.

Vanessa enjoys the friendship of this enigmatic man and finds herself falling in love with him. When he offers marriage she refuses, for it is given without love.

Damien searches his heart to discover the elusive word love. He prays he will find a way to win Vanessa back.

Ms. Jordan involves readers with her characters in this very well-written, captivating romance. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond