Image of Seduction Becomes Her


Image of Seduction Becomes Her

Busbee pays homage to the great romantic gothic writers with her story of dark secrets, newfound wealth, hidden dangers and an unexpected love. This is a beautifully crafted novel with that Busbee flair for creating memorable characters and a thrilling plotline.

Daphne Beamont is devoted to caring for her family, whose fortunes change when her brother inherits a title and an estate in Cornwall. Now Daphne just might have a chance at happiness -- a chance that comes when she and Charles Weston are trapped in a cave by a rockslide.

Charles arrives in Cornwall seeking answers to questions that torment him about his deceased half-brother. When the accident strands him with Daphne, he realizes they will have to marry to avoid scandal. Though she's enchanted by Charles, independent Daphne isn't sure she wants to wed. Charles must lure her into surrendering, but when a stranger appears and unexplained, mysterious events occur, the lovers have a lot more to worry about than scandal. (Zebra, Jul., 342 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin