SEDUCTION BY THE BOOK (3) by Stephanie Bond: Gabrielle started the Red Tote Book Club to expose members to more sensual reads. Now she challenges them to pick their favorite book and use it to get the man they've fantasized about. Architect Cassie reads Lady Chatterley's Lover and follows the lady's lead by showing her man she's interested and available. Administrative assistant Page uses Venus in Furs to find the hold even a retiring woman can have over a powerful man. Firecracker party planner Wendy is in love with her best friend, but he only sees her playgirl side and wants to settle down. Fanny Hill shows her how to prove she's ready to settle down also. Forceful auditor Jacqueline lets the restaurateur she lusts for see her submissive side, following attitudes in The Slave. Bond's lively premise is not as developed as it might have been, and because the stories are so short they leave little room for sexy details. But Bond's writing is excellent as usual.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor