Image of Seduction Of An English Beauty


Image of Seduction Of An English Beauty

Jarrett, known for her seafaring
adventure romances and Regency novels, turns to the Georgian period for
a lightweight romance that evokes the era with fine detail thanks to lovely descriptions and her characters' rapid-fire dialogue. But the cardboard villain and simplistic plot do not do her talents justice.

Because of her scandalous behavior, Lady Diana Ferren is banished to Italy and bored to tears with art and churches when she meets fellow Englishman Lord Edward Warwick, who attempts to sweep her off her feet. He would, if it weren't for the sensual Lord Anthony Randolph, who woos Diana partly to win a wager, partly to satisfy his desire for a woman of innocence and passion.

Diana does not realize that Edward is a fortune hunter, and she would accept his courtship if not for her secret longing to succumb to Anthony's whispered words of passion. But games of love are not Diana's only problem. Her past has followed her to Rome, and she is being blackmailed. She must find a way to save her reputation and choose the man who will truly love her for herself. (Harlequin, Jul., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin