Image of Seduction Is Forever


Image of Seduction Is Forever

There are answers to several questions as Petersen ties up her Charlie's Angels in Regency England trilogy in this action-packed charmer. The author enchants with a lightweight cat-and-mouse thriller that will fulfill your desire for a fun, quick read.

Three accomplished ladies with more to do than needlework had been recruited as spies for the Crown. Emily Redgrave, seriously wounded on her last mission, is determined to get back into action. To protect her from harm she's given a "bogus" mission: to defend Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield, from an unknown enemy. Meanwhile, Westfield has been assigned the task of protecting Emily. The idea is that they will chase one another around London, while actually staying out of trouble. The hitch: they are highly attracted to one another and one kiss leads to a sizzling seduction and the truth about their "assignments." But when Emily accidentally uncovers a plot to assassinate the Regent, they're off on a real - and dangerous - task. (Avon, Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin