Though the latest novella in Dryden’s wonderfully nerdy yet scorchingly hot Science of Temptation series will undoubtedly be devoured mostly by women, it also reads as a perfect beginner’s guide for men who may be interested in BDSM but are held back by moral qualms or insecurities. Dryden focuses on hero Ben’s sexual evolution from geek to Dom, and it’s a refreshing change. Forget Fifty Shades, ladies. This should be required reading for men who want to bring a little BDSM into the bedroom. Just be sure to enjoy it yourself first.

Lindsey is looking forward to mingling with her fellow comic nerds at BeastCon, except for one little thing: To get there, she has to travel via RV for 19 hours with her ex, Ben. Jealous and indecisive, Ben ended their relationship shortly after she showed him one of her favorite comics, Balls ‘n’ Chain, about a group of merry kinksters. Now, when Ben spies Lindsey reading the comic, he can’t deny that the idea of taking complete control in the bedroom holds definite appeal. But can he convince Lindsey in just four nights that he can be the Dom — and the man — that she needs? (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Nicole King