Image of With Seduction in Mind (The Girl-Bachelor Chronicles)


Image of With Seduction in Mind (The Girl-Bachelor Chronicles)

With her trademark sense of humor,
lively pace and smart, sassy characters, Guhrke pens a sparkling battle of wills between a thoroughly modern miss and cantankerous writer with a dark past. Readers will enjoy their verbal sparring as much as their passion in the second
of the girl bachelor books.

When smart, sassy Miss Daisy Merrick writes a scathing review of Earl of Avermore Sebastian Grant's latest play, she places herself in an unenviable position between the devil and his publisher. If she'll work as Sebastian's writing partner and get him to finish his long overdue novel, she might get her own book published.

Sebastian fears Daisy will uncover his secret: He has writer's block because he no longer uses drugs to help him write. Perhaps seducing the minx will be almost as good as an opiate and get rid of her to boot. Though they mix like oil and water, the sparks fly. Innocent Daisy forces Sebastian to face the truth, and he quickly learns that she is better than any drug. He just has to convince Daisy he truly loves her. (AVON, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin