Image of The Seduction of Miranda Prosper


Image of The Seduction of Miranda Prosper

Regency England is as decadent as ever in this tale of a spinster who’s torn between two men ready to teach her all of their tricks. The fact that they are sorcerers gives “tricks” new meaning, as in m/f/m action.

Corwyn Rathe and his partner Darius must act fast to prevent Miranda Prosper from disappearing, just as other Catalysts have. What starts out as just another assignment for these sorcerers turns into a love match and the urgency of the situation becomes a matter of the heart for all parties. Darius has trust issues but eventually realizes that Miranda is as important in his life as Corwyn has been. Now they must train Miranda and develop her powers to help save the race — and also convince her that her future is with the two of them, together. Eventually it is Darius who needs the convincing — and the results are electric. (HEAT, Jan., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins