Like Susan Johnson, Bennett plays on erotic romance fantasies that sweep us into Aphrodite's bordello. Intriguing characters, a sharp eye for detail and an ear for dialogue allow readers to immerse themselves in Bennett's enthralling,
sensual story.

As widow of "the country's hero," and confidante to Queen Victoria, Lady Portia Ellerslie is the epitome of virtue. She wouldn't dare cause a scandal, but Portia is a woman with desires. She believes that one night of passion will cure her of her cravings, but one night might not be enough when the man is Marcus Worthorne, the handsome young man she adored as a girl.

Marcus is a rogue, and when Aphrodite asks him to take care of the veiled lady, he's happy to oblige. But one night isn't enough. He plots to uncover his mystery lover's identity and keep her in his bed. As Portia and Marcus play heated games, they're drawn into a plot to assassinate Victoria. Danger heightens their passion and fuels their enemy's hatred. (Avon, Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin