Image of Seduction Under Fire


Image of Seduction Under Fire
SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE (4) by Melissa Cutler: If it was up to police officer Camille Fisher, she would avoid boy-ishly handsome park ranger Aaron Montgomery like the plague. The arrogant, womanizing playboy makes her skin crawl. Aaron feels the same way about Camille — her sour disposition trumps her stunning beauty. Yet when they are thrown together on a case involving a dangerous drug cartel, the attraction between them sizzles. As they dodge kidnappers and face near-death experiences, they both realize that being away from each other is the last thing they want. The banter between Aaron and Camille is snappy and sharp, and Cutler blends the action and romance well in this sexy, action-filled tale that draws you in from the start.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates