Image of The Seduction of an Unknown Lady


Image of The Seduction of an Unknown Lady

James' ability to craft a
well-balanced, carefully
plotted and colorful Regency-era romance has made her a
star of the genre. She completely captivates with her ingenious storylines and engaging characters, enveloping readers in the era and the passion.

Lord Aidan McBride's attempts to help a woman walking the streets alone at night get him stabbed with her parasol. Bookshop owner Fionna Hawkes has no idea that Aidan is trying to protect her, and she's suspicious of his motives, until he comes into her shop seeking copies of F.J. Sparrow's horror novels. Their verbal sparring leads to walks through London, and Fionna begins to let her guard drop.

It's not easy running a business, visiting her mentally ill mother in the hospital and writing under Sparrow's pseudonym. She longs to tell Aidan the truth about her clandestine night walks and her writing. He only longs to keep her close in his arms, but by becoming lovers they open a door to a danger not even Aidan can save her from. (Avon, Apr., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin