Image of Seduction's Spell


Image of Seduction's Spell

LaFleur combines a touch of magic, lots
of steamy sex and plenty of romance in
a book about attractive couples with relationship woes. Readers will empathize with these flawed characters struggling
to rediscover love. The setting is pleasing, the stories flow and the emotions are very real.

Belle Patricelli owns the beautiful antebellum resort Belle on the Bend. Her guests frequently have problems, and Belle can't help trying to solve them. She's thrilled and just a bit jealous when three troubled couples rediscover their love at the idyllic spot. Belle has been waiting years for her soul mate, and she's ready to give up hope. When a sexy journalist visits the resort to write a travelogue, Belle believes he may be the one. But will he believe her when she tells him the truth about herself? (AVON RED, Sep., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski