Thea Devine unveils the dark and sensual side of Victorian England in her sizzling page turner that explores the many aspects of seduction as two very different people embark on a passionate adventure.

Nicholas Massey has been entrusted with a secret mission and a fortune in jewels bythe Russian royal family. He is supposedly in England to claim his rightful place as heir to his family estate. He never expects that hell find his uncles widow, Elizabeth, to be so beautiful and intelligent.

Nicholas knows the way to a womans heart, and most of all, he understands her sexual fantasies. With his luscious string of pearls and an intriguing blackmail demand that she be his in bed and yet free to seduce another man she desires, he opens many doors for Elizabeth.

Thea Devine gives free reign to womens sexual fantasies. Readers who enjoy the sizzle and burn of a too-hot-to-handle romance will adore this book. The titillating love scenes, erotic games and excitement are seductive to the reader who allows herself to free her own imagination. Turn down the heat and pick up SEDUCTIVE and your string of pearls. SPICY (Apr., 346 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin