Chapman's skills as a storyteller just keep getting better. Utilizing warmth and humor, she makes this thrilling romantic tale both funny and scary. Great reading!

For three years, architect Rachel Foster has been living with the accusation that her father killed her mother and a wealthy family friend, Thaddeus Lakeman, before killing himself. Rachel discovered the bodies at Thadd's stunning mansion, Sub Rosa, which she and her father had designed.

Now, with the two recent discoveries—an heir to Thadd's fortune and a box left for Rachel in care of her father's attorney—the past is reopened. Reviewing the contents of the box, Rachel learns that her father and Thadd were part-time thieves and that the expensive "gifts" and artifacts in her family's possession are stolen goods.

Determined to dump all questionable evidence back at Sub Rosa, Rachel is cornered by the new heir, Keenan Oakes, upon exiting the property. A nautical salvage specialist, Keenan arrives with five men and one little girl in tow.

There is much more to Keenan than meets the eye, and he and his men are determined to uncover all of Sub Rosa's and Rachel's secrets. Dangerous people are still circling the mansion, and they are willing to kill anyone in their path.

(Apr., 360 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith