This erotic novella is totally unbelievable — but it’s so over the top and fun, you really won’t care. Sophia’s first intimate encounters with Brendan are both side-splitting and scorching. The puzzle box plotline is intriguingly bizarre and suspenseful. Brendan’s family provides both heated moments and genuine warmth. While this read may have the nutritional content of Hawaiian Punch, your thirst for romance will be quenched.

Con artist Sophia knows how to get a man’s attention — and straddling playboy Brendan Beckett at gunpoint sure does the trick. The clock is ticking to find a mysterious puzzle box, and Sophia ensnares Brendan with the best bait she’s got: her body. Brendan knows better than to jet off with an unknown beauty, especially after a recent titillating midnight robbery. The truth lies at his family’s secluded Cayman Islands resort, where more than his suspicions are aroused. (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Veronica Knoll