Borrowing a million dollars from her family's mortal enemy is not something Brenna Marcelli expected to do. But after exhausting all other options, she takes the risk in order to start her own wine label.

Besides the ancient family feud, Brenna and Nic Giovanni have their own personal history to live down. Years ago they were secretly in love, but Brenna had feared alienating her family. Now she's divorced and trying to work with her hardheaded grandfather in the family winery. When it's learned that Brenna and her sisters have an older brother who was put up for adoption, their grandfather threatens to give the winery to his long-lost grandson.

Bitter over the way their love affair ended, Nic has been planning revenge on the Marcellis for years. With Brenna's request, the last piece falls into place. But does Nic truly want to destroy the woman he loves?

THE SEDUCTIVE ONE rounds out Mallery's affectionate and emotional trilogy charting the lives and loves of the Marcelli sisters. Reading a Susan Mallery book is always a marvelous experience. (Nov., 312 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith