The innovative Donna Davidson joins the Zebra family with another innovative romance that will make Regency fans sigh with delight.

Daniel Rockburne has reason to be grateful to Harmony Roan, daughter of the local magistrate. After all, she saved his life when he and his father were arrested as smugglers on their own beach. Of course, they actually were smugglers, but the incompetent lieutenant who took them into custody had no proof and was willing to execute them on the spot.

So years later when Harmony wanders along the beach in just the wrong place at just the wrong time, Daniel willingly resorts to the extreme measure of declaring her to be his secret love to allay his comrades' suspicions of her loyalty. And, to his surprise, he discovers that there's more than a little truth to his words.

But Harmony has problems of her own. A pawn of a tyrannical father, she must find a way to escape his clutches if she is to find any happiness at all. But will her independence be worth missing the chance for true love?

Although some details of the intriguing plot are not always fully explained, Ms. Davidson fascinates us with striking characterization and wins our hearts with her gallant lovers. (July, 304 pp., $4.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer