The wealthy Danvers family is about as dysfunctional as you get, and familial love is pretty much absent. But patriarch Witt Danvers is besotted with his 4-year-old daughter London. Witt's older children are somewhat jealous of their half-sister, but does that mean they would hurt her? On the night of Witt's big birthday bash, London disappears and is not seen again.

It is not until her adopted father's death that Adria Nash learns she may be the long-missing Danvers heiress. Adult Adria knows that the remaining Danvers children will not welcome her, but she desperately wants to know the truth. While skeptical and suspicious, only rebel son Zachary offers any sense of security—for someone seems determined to make sure London never returns.

Making use of her backlist, hot author Jackson has revised and updated her early romantic suspense classic, formerly titled Treasures. Greed, vengeance and blood feuds all make this atmospheric thriller dark and disturbing. (Aug., 474 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith