Trying to make a living as the monthly "Single Girl in the City" columnist for the Seattle Times is not easy. It just doesn't pay Jane Alcott's bills. What has been paying the bills are the installments of her porn serial "The Life of Honey Pie." Now another opportunity has landed in her lap: The managing editor of the Seattle Times wants Jane to fill in as the sports beat reporter. With hockey season just getting into high gear, Jane will be expected to cover both the home and away games of the Seattle Chinooks.

Luc Martineau is the Chinooks star goalie. He is also riding a hot streak that's repaired his career, which two years ago had been in danger of collapsing from injuries and an addiction to pain medication. Now Luc is determined to get his team into the championships. None of the team members are thrilled with having Jane attend all their games—until she chews them out and they win a game. Jane then becomes their lucky charm.

Rachel Gibson is back in top form with this funny, sexy and touching tale. Polar opposites (or are they?), Jane and Luc still manage to light fires. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith