Image of See No Evil: A Novel (No Evil Trilogy)


Image of See No Evil: A Novel (No Evil Trilogy)

In book two of her latest trilogy, Brennan firmly cements her position as a top suspense author by delivering an absolutely chilling and tragically sad novel. What makes this story so compelling is seeing how vengeance is taken to the destructive extreme and corruption and abuse of power create monsters. This book is mesmerizing
and haunting.

Despite the initial evidence, Assistant D.A. Julia Chandler won't believe that her teenage niece Emily brutally murdered her stepfather, Judge Victor Montgomery, and then tried to kill herself. In desperation, Julia turns to a man who despises her but cares about Emily: ex-cop turned P.I. Connor Kincaid.

As Connor and Julia launch their own investigation into the murder, they learn that Victor had been sexually abusing Emily and discover a private online chat room where young people post their anger and hatred at those who have abused them. After learning of several other strange deaths or "suicides," Connor and Julia suspect that a vigilante group is dishing out its own form of vengeance. (BALLANTINE, Mar., 410 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith