Seth is one sexy nerd and the characters have just enough angst to keep things interesting. Although Meg becomes more likable as the book progresses, her lack of self-esteem, demonstrated through her feeling that she's our of Seth's league and her hesitance to trust Seth because he treats her so well, may result in readers being unable to fully connect with the characters.

Megan Coffman wants to make sure that everyone stops pitying her after her divorce. It seems like everyone sees her as "Poor Meg" because her ex happens to be a rock star. She decides to do something to show that she is over it — she gets re-married. Seth is not the kind of guy she's used to. He is kind, considerate and holds a steady job. But Seth isn't sure if he can convince his beautiful wife that he is playing for keeps. They might not have gotten married for the right reasons but when the nerd gets the girl he has every intention of keeping her. (LYRICAL PRESS, Jun., dl, $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak