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Image of Seek and Destroy [The NASSD Counter-Terrorist Agency 2]


Image of Seek and Destroy [The NASSD Counter-Terrorist Agency 2]

Danger, intrigue and sultry romance combine for a winner in Adams' terrific second NASSD Counter-Terrorist Agency book. Clever plot twists and appealing characters enhance this sexy tale.
Familiar faces from the first book join
in the fray.

Charis McKoy is charged with bringing missing NASSD agent David Snyder back into the fold for a joint mission with the ICE intelligence agency. When he was badly injured on a mission, she nursed him back to health. She pulls out all the stops to lure him back, including seduction. When that doesn't seem to work, she returns to headquarters alone -- only to discover he has arrived ahead of her.

David protests when he is told it's a joint mission between the two agencies. But once he's aware of the imminent danger, he reconsiders. A terrorist thought long dead has resurfaced and has begun a rash of bombings. He must be stopped, but can they survive the threat? (SIREN, 2008, 235 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown