Finding herself in charge of two sets of teenage twins is not what magician Dia Trelawly had in mind when she agreed to see her sister, Liza, and her nieces and nephews. But true to form, Liza takes off to parts unknown with a new man and Dia is stuck.

While Dia loves the twins, now is not a good time for them to be hanging around. A rich and powerful woman, Demetria Cesare (aka the goddess Demeter), is pressuring Dia to perform a most unusualand criminalmagic trick.

Wealthy PI Hugh Pendragon is currently pursuing two different interests. The first is his fascination with the beautiful magician Dia; the second is the theft of his own ancient piece of jewelry, known as a band of Hades.

Zeke Jupiter (aka Zeus) and Harriet Juneau (aka Hera) are baaaack to their matchmaking tricks in the third installment of this series. This time they look to romantically hook up Dia, a descendant of the abused Leda and Hugh, a direct descendant of Hades. However this may not be as easy as it would seem, for Demeter still wishes vengeance against Hades and any of his descendants.

More fun and thrills from author Kathleen Nance. THE SEEKER rounds out this terrific and engaging series of divinely inspired tales. (Jan., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith