After Trancer Iliana was taken by the Reaper Lord Mako to be his whore, his influence—even upon his death—causes her to have nightmares and not be able to access her full Trancer powers. Now Iliana lives at the keep of the Warrior Talon. News comes that the witch Medea, Reaper and former mistress to Mako, is seeking the Orb of Dalis, an artifact with great power.

Medea must not obtain the Orb, so Iliana and her self-proclaimed pro-tector, Warrior Lore, set off to find it first. Before the Orb can be accessible to them, however, there are trials that they must pass. Lore and Iliana must learn to work together to past these tests and yet not give in to the attraction they feel for one another. Medea is not about to give up the Orb without a fight.

This eagerly awaited sequel to The Given lives up to expectations. McClellan once again weaves a fascinating tale of love and magic. Her characters are skillfully depicted, and their story is emotional, full of conflict and set in a adeptly created world. The Seeker is a truly imaginative and exciting tale. (Jun., 232 pp., $13.75)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley