On the eve of war, penniless Annabelle Hallston does the unthinkable: marries the infamous rogue Royce Kincaid to keep her family safe. Royce, the black sheep of a prominent Southern family, presents the picture of a man who is no gentleman. But underneath the facade, he is an honorable, compassionate, heroic man.

Though neither believes in love, Annabelle and Royce are drawn to one another. As Royce fights on the battlefields, Annabelle becomes a petticoat sergeant, helping the wounded and seeing the devastation and horrors of the war.

With intense emotions, wonderful historical details, a strong and tender secondary love story and a cast of characters so real you feel you know them inside and out, Eschenburg creates a masterful romance, illuminating how love heals the scars of the past. You'll be drawn into this stunning, bittersweet, unforgettable love story. SENSUAL (Jan., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin