Twenty-four-year-old Sunny Langstein had a job lined up before she moved to New York to live with her restaurateur boyfriend, Steve. At least she thought she did. Jobless and not wanting to sponge off Steve, she lands a role on a new reality TV show called "Party Girls." She doesn't earn a salary but gets a clothing allowance and other perks. All she has to do is be filmed every Saturday night as she goes out, and she'll keep job hunting during the week.

But the show's producer wants the stars to be single girls on the prowl, so Sunny must keep her relationship with Steve a secret. Things get worse when she finds herself flirting with a TV star and neglecting Steve. Will Sunny find her way back to the person she was?

Fast-paced and exciting, this book is also timely and relevant thanks to the ongoing reality TV craze. (Oct., 384 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust