As heir to her estates, Lady Eleanor of Carin has ridden to battle against the Scots and married a kind but older Frenchman to gain control of her lands.

On the way to France, she is first captured by pirates and then seized by Scotsman Brendan Graham, a man who hates the English with a passion.

Locked in a heated battle of wills, Brendan and Eleanors hatred escalates into a fiery passion and it is Brendan to whom Eleanor gives her heart and body before she marries.

Though loath to love the enemy, Brendan cannot stop himself from desiring the very woman who wounded him in battle years before. She is his match in every way, but once she weds, he vows to walk out of her life forever.

Circumstances throw Eleanor and Brendan together when she is falsely accused of murdering her husband and then political intrigues between William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and King Edward entangle them in the tumultuous events that changed history.

Again and again, Shannon Drake breaths life and passion into a turbulent historical era. Braveheart fans will be enthralled with her marvelous portrait of Wallace and clutch the edge of their seats through the thrilling battle scenes and highly charged love scenes. Few writers do a captive/captor, battle-of-wills love story quite like Shannon Drake, a master of her craft and a writer whose star shines ever brighter. SENSUAL (Feb., 450 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin