Image of Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7)


Image of Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7)

Since she was a teenager, Tabitha Devereaux has fought the vampire daimons. Until recently, she has been considered a bit nuts by everyone, including her family. But that changed when her twin, Amanda, fell in love with a Dark-Hunter.

Valerius Magnus is the Dark-Hunter everyone loves to hate. A despised former Roman general, Valerius is truly alone. When he comes upon Tabitha as she is fighting daimons, she inadvertently stabs him. Dismayed that she's hurt one of the good guys, Tabitha takes Valerius home, knowing full well that he is the mortal enemy of her brother-in-law. To her surprise, Tabitha learns that Valerius' cold front is a defense mechanism, and her natural empathy begins to turn into something much deeper.

But they may never get the opportunity to recognize their true feelings. A terrifying new danger is sweeping into New Orleans and appears determined to destroy Tabitha and her entire family.

Talk about ratcheting up the intensity! Kenyon really shakes up the storyline in this latest chapter in her amazing Dark-Hunter series. Nothing will be the same after shadowy secrets are revealed and life-altering events take place. Breathtaking! (Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith