Image of Seized by the Sheik


Image of Seized by the Sheik
SEIZED BY THE SHEIK (3) by Ann Voss Peterson: A sheik from Nadar, Efraim Aziz doesn’t trust anyone in the United States, until he meets Callie McGuire, the U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs’ emissary to his country. She is facilitating a secret meeting in a small Wyoming town between the United States, Nadar and other small countries, but the disappearance of one of the attendees and the attempted murder of others is not helping her cause. Neither Callie nor Efraim knows who to trust as the bodies pile up. The evidence is scant and suspicion and anger follow in Efraim’s wake, in this second of the suspenseful Cowboys Royale series. Though the action is sharp and the dialogue sassy at times, the overlaying plotlines and character disputes are disappointing.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper