Readers will love the latest novel by Smith. Full of laughter and passion, this story about faery princess Catriona and Marine Derek is a wonderful ride. Smart-mouthed and arrogant Catriona has met her match in the wounded and stubborn Marine. Readers will be hanging on to see who will win this battle of wills.

Faery Princess Catriona is forbidden to have anything to do with the human world again but she defies her father to visit an old friend only to meet her destiny. Marine Derek Harrison is just looking for a quiet place to recover from his last mission when Cat drops into his life. Proud and arrogant Cat is surprised when Derek doesn’t fall over himself to make her happy. Instead he insults her. Sparks fly as the two come to terms with each other, determined not to fall in love: Cat, because a union with a mortal is against the law, and Derek because he just survived a bad relationship. But when Derek is injured on a dangerous mission, Cat must hope that faery magic will be enough to save his life. (THEWILDROSEPRESS.COM, dl $3.75
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper