After taking some time to set up the story, Carroll's adventure takes off,
and a wild ride that includes murder and mayhem ensues. In the middle of
all this action are two likable leads forced to deal with past baggage when they find each other. Mixing these elements together makes a satisfying story.

Sylvia Chatsworth, the colorful daughter of a senator, and Lyle Thomas, a rising star in the San Francisco D.A.'s office, have barely met when the local gossip channel prominently features them kissing at the latest hot spot. When her parents find out about her latest escapade, they unthinkingly mention they wouldn't mind if she disappeared for a while.

Lyle finds Sylvia in Napa Valley by accident, and they get to know each other. But the idyll quickly turns into a nightmare. Lyle has been on the trail of some questionable real estate deals, and soon the two are in trouble. If they somehow survive attempted murder and arson, will their relationship last when Sylvia finds out Lyle's secret? (MEDALLION, Jan., 464 pp., $7.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers