Finding a way to transform senator Lewis Honnekers trophy wife from a liability to an asset is political consultant Tom Quinlans unenviable task. Polls show that while the Mississippi senator is still fairly popular, his young wife is not.

Veronica Ronnie Honneker has fulfilled all her childhood dreams, but her perfect life rings hollow and empty. During their three-year marriage, Ronnie has been faithful, but the 60-year-old senator has not. And a tabloid exposi is about to plaster the truth about his infidelity all over the country.

After years of emotional deprivation and play-acting, Ronnie longs to express her true self. The new Ronnie is dangerously attractive to Tom. Although an affair between them can only lead to disaster, both Ronnie and Tom seem helpless in resisting their smoldering passion.

Meanwhile, call girl Marla Becker is running for her life. When Marlas former roommate, Susan, is murdered, Marla realizes that she is the only person who knows where Susan was the night she died. Those involved are making sure that the situation is permanently cleaned up.

Politics and sex have always been linked behind closed doors; this time, they lead to murder.

Ms. Robards continues to cement her position as one of the genres premier authors. THE SENATORS WIFE is filled with juicy scandals, passionate affairs and deadly motives. (Apr., 400 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith